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Book Title: Cambodia Angkor A Lasting Legacy: A View of it's Past and Present by Pierre Odier
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We Invite You to Experience the North East India Journey!

Travel off the beaten path to Assam with Author Pierre Odier and experience the journey through photographs. Popularly called as the land of the red river and blue hills, Assam is the gateway to the northeastern part of India. Assam is bordered in the North and East by the Kingdom of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. Along the south lies Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram. Meghalaya lies to her South-West, Bengal and Bangladesh to her West.



North East
Assam Map
Apatani Women
Tawang Monastery Door
Buddhist Written Fragment
Mong Village - One of Chief Wives  Konyak Chief, Nagaland
Pierre in Lanpong Village, Nagaland
Tawang Monk with 400 Years Old Gold Manuscript    Assam Hut Assam Fabric Weaving

Top Left: North East India Map

Middle Left: Apatani Women

Bottom Left: Tawang Monastery Door

Top Right: Buddhist Written Fragment

Upper Middle Left:
Mong Village - One of Chief Wives

Upper Middle Right: Konyak Chief, Nagaland

Middle: Pierre in Lanpong Village, Nagaland

Lower Middle Left:
Tawang Monk with 400 Years Old Gold Manuscript

Lower Middle Right: Assam Hut

Bottom Right: Assam Fabric Weaving


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