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Some Last People

Vanishing Tribes of Bhutan, China, Mexico, Mongolia and Siberia
by Pierre Odier

Book Title:Some Last People - Vanishing Tribes of Bhutan, China, Mexico, Mongolia and Siberia by Pierre Odier

This book is written in the spirit that others might join in recognizing the cause of these and other "Last People" who struggle to maintain a place in this world. To many indigenous people the threat is not so much physical destruction as cultural. As never before, distinct cultures are vanishing overnight. The word for it is "ethnocide," and whether it involves tribes living on the margin of existence, whether it is a people relegated to "reserves territories," or whether it is the increasing invisibility of indigenous peoples in places where the unremitting message to all is, "join the mainstream, or die," the result is the same.

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Bhutan Dancer


Hidden from the rest of the world deep in the Himalayas, Bhutan has only in recent years opened up to the outer world. Within this land-locked kingdom remain a people far removed from the modern world. The Brokpa, a semi-nomadic people, live in the far eastern region of Bhutan. They are few in number and live very much like their ancestors did centuries ago. Their adaptation to modern ways is still very slow and in the process, provide us with a true window into their past.

Chinese Man


China recognizes 56 nationalities in their county. One group not included in this count are the Ge minorities. They have been lumped together with the Miao minority, which has threatened to rob them of their own identity as well as a long and proud history. In this book the Ge people's story is told along with their unique culture and longstanding traditions. Their is a heritage that deserves more than an historical footnote, both for the sake of their children and the sake of us who take pride in the variety of all who went before us.

Mexican Women


With the unrelenting encroachment of modern society into remote mountain area of the Sierra Madre, the prospect of losing an indigenous culture increases each day. The cave dwelling Tarahumara have reached a point where there is no longer space into which they can retreat. Their lack of cultivatable soil combined with periodic drought have pushed them to the brink of extinction. This book would like to tell their story before that happens.

Mongolia Boy


Mongolia is an ancient land of ancient people, who at one point in their history, conquered China and Russia and expanded their empire from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea. This was accomplished by unifying many nomadic feuding clans into one cohesive, centrally controlled unit. Today all that remains from this impressive empire are the nomads in the remotest regions of Mongolia. Even a cursory study of this culture provides a glimpse into the true character of these land-loving peoples. The amazing story of their survival and of their perseverance to hold fast to a centuries-old way of life is presented in this book.

Siberia Lil Girl


Siberia is the home of several minorities in an environmentally hostile region of the world. Among the few indigenous people who have adapted not only to a harsh environment, but also to concerted of forts to integrate them into larger minorities, is the Yukaghir. They are a group of ture hunters and gatherers that have all but vanished from the face of the earth. All that remain are two small settlements with combined population of less than one-Hundred people. Information from their oral history is preserved in this text in order to preserve what is left of their proud heritage.

Some Last People
Vanishing Tribes of Bhutan, China, Mexico, Mongolia and Siberia
by Pierre Odier

This book provides detailed information about these endangered cultures, including many photographs of the people and their traditions. 200 pages, ISBN 0-961-16326-7.

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Book Title: Some Last People - Vanishing Tribes Of  Bhutan, China, Mexico, Mongolia and Siberia

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