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Book Title: Cambodia Angkor A Lasting Legacy: A View of it’s Past and Present by Pierre Odier

Cambodia Angkor A Lasting Legacy
A View of it’s Past and Present

All the profits from the sale of this book goes to the landmine victim children in Siem Reap at the orphanage of Aki Ra.

Today half of the Cambodian population is under 20 and 80% of the total population lives in rural villages struggling to eke out a minimal existence. An elder generation that has managed to survive the atrocities of the past is too exhausted to confront its trauma. For the younger generation it is hard to believe that it is possible that such brutality could have been done to Cambodians by Cambodians. The prime Minister of the royal government Hun Sen sums up the mood of a nation in saying to his people, "Dig a hole and bury the past."

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Book Title:Some Last People - Vanishing Tribes of Bhutan, China, Mexico, Mongolia and Siberia by Pierre Odier

Some Last People
Vanishing Tribes of Bhutan, China, Mexico, Mongolia and Siberia

This book is written in the spirit that others might join in recognizing the cause of these and other "Last People" who struggle to maintain a place in this world. To many indigenous people the threat is not so much physical destruction as cultural. As never before, distinct cultures are vanishing overnight. The word for it is "ethnocide," and whether it involves tribes living on the margin of existence, whether it is a people relegated to "reserves territories," or whether it is the increasing invisibility of indigenous peoples in places where the unremitting message to all is, "join the mainstream, or die", the result is the same...

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Book Title: The Rock - A History of Alcatraz: The Fort, The Prison by Pierre Odier

The Rock
A History of Alcatraz: The Fort, The Prison

"The Rock" offers the first study of Alcatraz Island History. This documentation is based on extensive source material, including the National Archives and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Interviews with wardens, officers and former Alcatraz inmates provided a personal account of life and feeling on "The Rock."

This book covers Alcatraz history from its discovery in 1769 to its current use as a tourist attraction. Complete with 900 illustrations, sketches and maps, it presents a comprehensive visual record of the history of a priceless California landmark.

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Book Title: King Of Hospitality: Hotel Green by Pierre Odier

King Of Hospitality
Hotel Green

A Pasadena California Historical landmark, representing a time period and lifestyle reserved for the privileged. This imposing Moorish-style landmark still is in use today, capturing the essence of the idea "Go West," to a lavish winter resort for the rich. Arriving from Woodbury New Jersey G.G. Green overwhelmed by the California beauty he created an ever lasting Landmark.

Book Style: Soft Cover - $10.95
Book Title: A Discovery of Destitution: High School Students Examine Extreme Poverty

A Discovery of Destitution
High School Students Examine Extreme Poverty

The poverty condition of the Tarahumara Indians in the state of Chihuahua Mexico is documented by young adults after having delivered food and clothing to a remote village. Destitution of Los Angeles homeless is included in this publication.

Book Style: Soft Cover - $10.95
Book Title: Charles F. Lummis: Inside His Habitat by Pierre Odier

Charles F. Lummis
Inside His Habitat

The reader is offered a historical and contemporary view of the inside of the home of Charles F. Lummis. He built this home at the time he was the first librarian for the L. A. Library. He was the creator of the South West Museum in Highland Park.

Book Style: Soft Cover - $10.95
Book Title: The Lanterman House: A California Saga by Pierre Odier

The Lanterman House
A California Saga

The home of Frank Lanterman in La Canada California became at one time the home of the last Fox Theater 4m/36r Wurlitzer pipe organ. El Retiro, as the Lanterman home is called, remains as a legacy of the Lanterman family as a museum open to the public.

Book Style: Soft Cover - $10.95
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